Massage Therapy

We offer a wide range of massage based treatments that are beneficial to your overall health and general wellbeing. If you are new to massage the various types and treatments available can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

To help demystify some of the choices below you will find a brief summary explaining the various objectives of each type of massage.

More detailed information is available on the individual treament pages which can be reached by using the Treatment Menu on the right.

Which Type of Massage is for me?

The main aim or goal of a Swedish massage is relaxation.

The main aim or goal of a Deep Tissue massage is to improve the physical condition of the muscles and connective tissue.

The main goal or aim of Sports massage is threefold; to identify and treat the cause and effect of a soft tissue problem using sports massage specific techniques; to improve recovery rate and enhance athletic performance; to act as a preventative measure from pain or injury.

The main goal of Indian Head massage is…

The main goal of Cellulite massage is…