Meditation For Beginners

Crawley Meditation Classes for Beginners

These meditation classes are designed to stand alone or form a  6 week course. They are of a non-religious nature and are held in school term time only.

Sessions must be booked in advance, places are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.



Course / Class Times & Location

10am – 11am Tuesdays 16th September – 21st October

13.30 – 14.30 Wednesdays 17th September – 22nd October

Location: Worth, Crawley

Please book in advance to secure your place and also for class information such as location and what to bring. A chat before the class can also air any concerns you may have and acquaint you with your teacher before the day.

Meditation Course Content

Session 1
Introducing Meditation

Session 2
Worry, Anxiety & Mind Travel

Session 3
Resentment & Letting Go

Session 4
The Imagined Scarcity of Time

Session 5
Avoidance Vs Looking In

Session 6
Attachment & Expectations


Meditation can help us tune into an inner resource that we all have within us. Unfortunately, most of us have spent so long ignoring our thoughts, feelings and body sensations that we have forgotten how to tap into this resource of a calm and peaceful mind. In fact, we are far more likely to ignore or distract ourselves from these subtle clues that tell us how we are doing which can lead to reacting to situations apparently without choice. Our behaviours can often be disruptive to ourselves and others and create more stress and pain. We can often ending up feeling that we have no control over these behaviours and end up in a cycle of shame and regret. And all the while the very thoughts and feelings we were trying to escape are still there in the background.

Such behaviours include:
Over eating, Drinking, Smoking, Procrastinating, Drug Taking, Shouting at Others, Acting upon anger, Acting upon impulses

Meditation helps us to catch the thoughts and feelings that right now appear to be going on ‘behind the scenes’ which helps you to choose your behaviours and have more control over your life.

My Crawley Beginners Meditation classes have been tailored for complete beginners who believe they cannot meditate due to some common misconceptions. (Please see Myths below.)

The classes are term time only to suit parents. Unfortunately, evening classes are not possible for me to run right now however, if you are interested in an evening class, please leave your details with me expressing your interest.

Worrying = Dwelling on your imagined, worst case scenario, future pain. Regretting = Dwelling on something you can never affect any change on. Staying in the present moment = Living.

Who Can Benefit?

Meditation can help unhealthy thought processes such as worrying, obsessing, looking back in regret, self doubt, poor self esteem and other self limiting thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts and feelings are often mistaken for fact. Meditation helps you to notice your own inner dialogue and the effect it has on your body, beliefs and feelings and behaviours. It is simply in the noticing that we find we have choice.

Meditation can help with:

Chronic Physical Pain, Low Self Esteem, Poor Relationship with your body, Worrying, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Problems, Stress, High Blood Pressure, Poor Concentration, Anger, Impulsive behavior, Feeling permanently in a rush or hurry and difficulty in staying present due to incessant thought.

A note from the teacher
Dwelling on your imagined future pain is like swimming in handcuffs. Remove them and glide through life one moment at a time.

Any Questions?

Additional information for this Meditation Class is available below. If you cannot find the information you want below please feel free to contact us and we will happily answer your questions.

New and Nervous?

Please feel free to call for an informal chat.

Will I have to sit in the Lotus position?

You can if you want to, but chairs will be provided too.

Do I have to be able to empty my mind of all thought?

No. In fact, if you can, this course may not be for you.

I'm not sure I have the time?

 Most people find that meditation creates more time than it takes