Mindfulness Courses

Life’s Just Stressful, Right?
Well, yes and no. But now there is something you can do about it…

Prolonged stress can have devastating effects on the body causing illness, injury, pain and ill health. Over the past 10 years (and then some) I have seen many people walk though my door exhausted from stress and at the end of their tether. After a mixture of Sports Massage and relaxation focused massage I am glad to say these people walk out feeling soothed, relaxed and ready to face the world again.
There is just one problem with this scenario. I can’t magic away the source of my clients stress, nor can I change the way they respond to it….

…..Until now, that is. Granted, I still can’t remove the primary source but thankfully, I can help them to change how they respond to it, lessening the secondary source of suffering that comes from these responses.

As a qualified meditation teacher, I am now training with Breathworks who run 8 week courses for both chronic pain and stress. In April 2015 I will be running an 8 week course with support from a distance supervisor which will be the last part of my accreditation with Breathworks. Prior to this I have practised mindfulness for over a year, attended an 8 week course myself as a student, attended a week long residential Mindfulness teacher’s retreat and am now running beginners mindfulness classes as a prerequisite to the more involved 8 week courses.

So my approach to lessen stress is using Mindfulness. But before you decide this mumbo-jumbo isn’t for you, maybe take a look at the science given in the Havard link below while bearing in mind that Mindfulness is not about sitting in a really uncomfortable position for ages nor is it about trying to empty your mind.

Havard MRI Study

One note I would like to make about the science is that ‘Neurons that fire together, wire together’.

I love this saying because it sums up beautifully that our brains are not set in stone. They are have neural plasticity and are pliable which means we can change the neural pathways that aren’t serving us well. It means whatever you start doing now will ‘fire’ new neural pathways that overtime can ‘wire’ together to create new pathways.

I came to use Mindfulness during my Foundation year studying Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. It was here I discovered I had PTSD which was great news because knowing what was wrong with me meant that I could get the treatment I needed. The treatment was long and hard and facing unprocessed trauma while still dealing with the trigger (that I was powerless to remove) took its toll. Mindfulness gave me immediate tools to ‘get through’ this time and before I knew it I wasn’t ‘getting through’ it any more. I was flourishing and every aspect of my life had improved. My situation hasn’t changed but but my attitude to it has.
I certainly do not wish to raise false expectations in others, I know everybody’s journey will be individual to them and thinking of this as an overnight magic cure could be detrimental to your experience. I practise mindfulness techniques daily and I’m quite sure if I stopped, my self-awareness and subsequent choice would diminish. But don’t let this put you off. Mindfulness has created more time in my life than it’s ever taken away and sometimes my daily practise only involves checking in with myself to see what’s going on. Am I holding tension? Is resistance to an external event present? Just noticing what is going on gives us a choice in what we do with it and in how we respond.

I have been both humbled and amazed by other people’s stories of how Mindfulness has changed their lives and my passion now is to facilitate this inner resource within others, giving them tools that can not only lessen suffering and liberate them from past unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours, but can help people to truly flourish in life too.

The beauty of Mindfulness is that there is no need to dig up the past. It can help you regardless of what has happened in the past. It is gentle, supportive and invitational. So on that note, I invite you to give it a go.

The Beginners Mindfulness 6 Week Course commences on Wednesday 7th January 13.30 to 14.30 in Worth and costs £33 for all six sessions.

Please call or email to book your place.

Yours Mindfully,


A note from the therapist
The beauty of Mindfulness is that there is no need to dig up the past. It can help you regardless of what has happened in the past. It is gentle, supportive and invitational.

Any Questions?

Additional information for the Beginner’s Mindfulness Course is available below. If you cannot find the information you want below please feel free to contact us and we will happily answer your questions.

New and Nervous?

At our initial consultation I hope to make you feel comfortable and at ease. During the treatment you will remain covered up, all but the body part I am working on. I will always make sure you are warm and comfortable throughout. This includes use of a heated blanket and leaving the room while you get dressed and undressed. Please feel free to call for an informal chat.

What do I wear?

Loose clothing, preferably not white, around the areas you intend to have treated it best. This is because the oil used is best left on your skin afterwards. Don’t worry, it has a gorgeous earthy lemon scent.

Do I need anything before my appointment?

Please do not shave or wax the morning of your appointment. The oil has a warming effect and may irritate open pores from hair removal.

Is there any reason why I can't have a cellulite Treatment?

Areas of severe varicose veins may have to be avoided and, ofcourse, you need to have cellulite!

Is there any aftercare advice to follow?

Drink water and partake in fat burning exercise to maximise ressults