Sports Massage Therapy

Differences in tissue are detected and worked on during a Sports massage. The techniques used will be specific both to the problem and to the area of the body. With over nine years of experience in Sports Massage Therapy I am still fascinated with the slight differences I can detect using fingers and thumbs and even knuckles and elbows! There is no set routine in sports massage because your own unique body tissue and physiological make-up will determine the entire treatment and what techniques are used within it.

Sometimes we may have to work together using a pain scale to enable me to get as deep as possible without making it too uncomfortable for you. Inviting you to use a pain scale with me, in line with your pain threshold, is not an invitation into a competition. I do not have a league table or measure people off against each other. It is neither macho to grit your teeth to take as much pain as you possibly can, nor is it ‘wussy’ to bail out at the slightest touch!

If you have just trained or competed and worked your body hard, your sports massage will be geared towards flushing toxins rather than any deeper work.

If you have chronic pain or recurring injury you may need to commit to some changes in order to prevent reoccurrence of the problem. There may be slight changes to be made in your everyday life. You may need to stretch regularly using the stretches demonstrated to you after your massage. You may need assisted stretches as part of your treatment and / or the use of METs (muscle energy technique).

If you are interested in more specific information on Sports Massage Therapy (SMT) then why not check out this site

What are the Benefits of a Sports Massage?

  • In addition to the benefits listed for Swedish and Deep Tissue massage:
  • Treatment of the cause of soft tissue pain or injury
  • Advice and / or stretches to take into your everyday life
  • Improved recovery rates for intense training programs
  • Prevention of injury
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Muscular and Skeletal Alignment

What Ailments can be helped with Sports Massage Therapy?

  • Sports Related Injuries – Old, New or Reoccurring
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Postural Related Pain
  • Seated / Office Related Back & Neck Pain
  • RSI
  • Immobile Joints
  • Rotator Cuff Tightness
  • Adhesions, tension, spasms and Scar tissue
  • Ligament Damage (for up to 2 years after injury)


A note from the therapist
Sports Massage changed my life a long time ago after the effects of a car crash left me with ongoing issues that made it hard for me to work in a sedentary office environment. I trained almost ten years ago and have been helping people ever since. I have never forgotten what it is like to feel helpless and to want to get better without feeling that you are being exploited for what’s in your wallet. This is why when you come to East West Benefits I want to see as little of you as possible! Rather than asking you to come back twice a week for months on end, I strive to arm you with the right tools and advice to minimize the amount of treatments you require. If you would like a one-off session, or regular maintenance treatments once a month, that is fine, the choice is yours.


Additional information on Sports massage is available below. If you cannot find the information you want below please feel free to contact us and we will happily answer your questions.

New and nervous?

You may have heard that sports massage can hurt. This isn’t a myth, it can but you do not need to worry. A pain scale is used to ensure you are always comfortable and the treatment remains well within your pain threshold.

What should I wear?

Loose clothing is best in case we need to do any diagnostic tests or assisted stretches as part of your treatment.

Do I need to do anything before my appointment?

There are no special requirements before your appointment.

Is there any reason why I can't have a Sports massage?

If you are pregnant or if your doctor has deemed massage unsuitable you cannot have a Sports Treatment. If you have an injury that has occurred within the last 48 hours please call for advice or to book an appointment for after the initial 48 hours of injury.

Is there any aftercare advice to follow?

It is best to refrain from training or exercise after a Sports Treatment unless you specify that you want a pre-event Sports Treatment. The massage will then be tailored to warm your muscles up for your event rather than to treat deeper issues within the tissue.